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Saturday, February 7, 2015

LA Eats Review - Sadie's Kitchen and Lounge

Yesterday, my husband and I decided to go out for a dinner just the two of us, someplace a little nicer.

We have been strict in saving money for a condo the past couple months so haven't been eating out very often. We decided to splurge just for old time's sake by heading over to Hollywood for a Friday night dinner date.

We went to Sadie's Kitchen & Lounge right off Hollywood Blvd. and Las Palmas. I really loved the decor of the place - fancy chairs, beautiful lighting, and some fashionable people at this restaurant. After living in the Valley for so long now, I forgot how when I used to go out in LA I often wore high heels and full on makeup and got dolled up. I think if you want to get dressed up - you will fit right in at this restaurant which is fun to do sometimes. 

We ordered our drinks and food from the waitress, and it took probably 15-20 minutes. They arrived with our food before our drinks. Because of the wait for our drinks, they did not charge us for it - which was nice. I thought the menu was on the price-y side for what it was - but then again it's Hollywood and a nicer restaurant so that is expected. You can expect to pay about $30 for any entree. Drinks run from around $8+. I know they have a happy hour special, but we were too late for that. 

The food was great. My husband said the portions were too small for him - but I think they were just right. I think for the price - maybe they could have had more food, but I don't really expect Denny's' or iHop portions when I dine at nicer restaurants.

He had the fried chicken and waffles - which was really delicious. He said that it should have had mashed potatoes instead of salad though.

I had the black cod which seemed very fresh to me and really delicious. I enjoyed it a lot. It came with some kind of mushy mashed potatoes which I thought could have been way better - but the fish was really good.

I like the ambiance of this place. It's a classy place. My only complaint would be the waitresses seemed a little slow, and the prices were a little too high for what it was.

Afterwards we walked around looking for another lounge or bar, but weren't able to find anything we really liked. There was a Cabo Cantina and some "Mullet" bar across the street, but it didn't really fit with our more "romantic" night out. 

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