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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years! Welcome 2015 :)

Hi There!

I know I have abandoned this blog for over a year now, but something about the New Year makes me want to re-approach this blogging thing again.

New Years was low-key with my husband this year - we went to The Local Peasant in Woodland Hills for an AMAZING dinner. He had steak. I had salmon. It was beyond delicious, but maybe because we chose not to eat dinner till around 9pm so we were super hungry for waiting so long! And yes, that bread pudding (with chocolate not op) is really everything and more.

We skipped the club scene because I think after 3+ years of marriage, we are outgrowing that kind of partying and would rather skip the cover charges as well. My New Years Resolution is to actually, hopefully, buy a condo this year, so we need to save all we can!

We shall see how that works out and what God's plan may be for us this year.

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