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Monday, January 12, 2015

Dinner Party, Board Games, and Prayer

Yesterday, Rickard and I hosted a dinner and game night at our place. I have had parties at my place, but I haven't ever hosted a "grown up" style dinner party with matching dinner plates and different courses for the meals unless you count our wedding. I loved doing this and I hope to host a few more of these in 2015. There is something about gathering around a dinner table with your close friends and sharing a home cooked meal - something so basic, but so special.

We homecooked everything, though I admit the brownies were from a brownie mix box. It still counts though, right? Cooking up everything was more work than I anticipated so I might go a little bit simpler next time, and use more shortcuts. For example, Rickard made the garlic butter mix for the french bread and he toasted it himself in the oven. These simple kind of steps made the food SO delicious, but it's just extra time - so I know to keep that in mind next time.

Meal Preparation!

My friend Gary and I had an exchange before dinner that is sticking in my mind. He said the table and the place looked great - and I responded that it was much better now since it was full of my friends. I really meant that.

We didn't have an occasion to really celebrate, but perhaps the start of a new beginning. 2014 was difficult for me for a few different reasons, but I think the cloud is passing now. A lot of the personal difficulties from 2014 have started to pass thanks to the power of prayer and my trust in God.

I want to admit that I have not been the most religious person the last several years, but when I face difficulties, I have often turned to God. And I don't think He has ever let me down.  Even when I didn't deserve His mercy.

After dinner, Rickard and I prayed together and said to each other what we were grateful for and what we hope for the future. It was so meaningful to pray with him which we had only ever done once before that I can remember.

So in ways that were not shown or said during dinner, I hope we showed that all this is possible through the grace of God. All glory to Him. 

This from someone who has not been "religious" before - sometimes I feel fraudulent even saying spiritual/religious things, as if I'm being fake. But I have felt the ability of faith to transform.

Here's to 2015 - I look forward to more beautiful days ahead.

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