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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

:: Thanksgiving 2013 ::

Thanksgiving Dinner 2013
I don't know about you, but I'm still recovering from Thanksgiving last week. Rickard and I made the 100 mile drive to my parents house and spent four days there hanging out with family and eating loads of food. I gained about 3 lbs, and my little dog gained 5 lbs (we checked weights before and after we left!). My parents really enjoy spoiling Teddy when we come to visit.

Me and my sister goofing around
Sisters by the fireplace, watching Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving

Now something that is not usual for our Thanksgiving was that this year I decided to run the local 5k Turkey Trot! I've never been in a race before and it was really a lot of fun. This may become a new Thanksgiving tradition for me and my family.

Race was at this beautiful winery in Temecula


We also did a little bit of Black Friday shopping, but honestly I preferred just eating out at restaurants instead. Rickard and I did a round of shopping at H&M before deciding to head over to Yard House for some food and a break from the crowds. Every year I seem to fall for the Black Friday frenzy, and every year, I find it totally overrated.

Yard House Meal
Insta Selfie @ Yard House

We also spent a day in San Diego after Thanksgiving. More pics to come from that! San Diego is really growing on me.

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