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Thursday, October 24, 2013

:: What I Have Been Up To :: The End of Summer

I haven't done one of these posts in a while - and when I was going through my Instagram photos I realized I didn't post any Insta-photos from this summer! This is essentially a re-cap of my summer and our transition into fall:
  • Pumpkin dog: just because it's cute. ;) Everyone in our neighborhood laughs when they see Teddy in his get-up, but I swear, he likes it! He brought the costume out to Rickard to put on him! What a character.
  • We went to Mexico in August, and we are going back again in January with Rickard's family!
  • Rickard and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary and my birthday! God-willing, many more to come I hope!
  • We made sure to hit up the farmer's markets a few times - once in Oxnard and also the wonderful Calabasas Farmer's Market.
  • Nayna Jewelry: We have more designs up at the shop! Please be sure to check them out. One of my pretty best friends modeled some jewelry for me as well.
  • We have started to re-decorate our home which is super exciting! When we first moved in, we couldn't afford all the furniture we needed for our living room and some stuff is really worn out since it was purchase used. We are slowly but surely re-doing the living room!
  • Cooking: When I first got married, I couldn't cook anything except maybe make a sandwich or eggs. Since I've gotten into eating more healthy (and living more healthfully), I've started to cook more. I hope to share some healthier recipes on the blog soon!

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