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Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Jewelry on Nayna Jewelry plus FREE SHIPPING

This weekend our Etsy Shop hit a big milestone - we have sold over 100 hair jewelries on Etsy since we first opened our shop in June!

To celebrate, we are offering free shipping for this week with promo code: FREESHIP

I also wanted to share some new photos of our new designs. My good friend Shana modeled the new jewelry for us and did a great job!

Our "Gold Coins" is our best-seller, but now we carry it in Silver too!

Since "Gold Coins" are so popular, we have a version with smaller "coins", and a little jewel/crystal in the center. This color is slightly different too - it's more of a warm gold/rose gold tone.
Shana modeling our best-selling "Gold Coin" design.
Me modeling the new, smaller "Rose Gold Small Coin" design.
Thank you for those of you have checked out and favorited our shop! 100+ sales would not be possible without you all!

- Sunaina

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