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Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Jewelry on Nayna Jewelry plus FREE SHIPPING

This weekend our Etsy Shop hit a big milestone - we have sold over 100 hair jewelries on Etsy since we first opened our shop in June!

To celebrate, we are offering free shipping for this week with promo code: FREESHIP

I also wanted to share some new photos of our new designs. My good friend Shana modeled the new jewelry for us and did a great job!

Our "Gold Coins" is our best-seller, but now we carry it in Silver too!

Since "Gold Coins" are so popular, we have a version with smaller "coins", and a little jewel/crystal in the center. This color is slightly different too - it's more of a warm gold/rose gold tone.
Shana modeling our best-selling "Gold Coin" design.
Me modeling the new, smaller "Rose Gold Small Coin" design.
Thank you for those of you have checked out and favorited our shop! 100+ sales would not be possible without you all!

- Sunaina

Thursday, October 24, 2013

:: What I Have Been Up To :: The End of Summer

I haven't done one of these posts in a while - and when I was going through my Instagram photos I realized I didn't post any Insta-photos from this summer! This is essentially a re-cap of my summer and our transition into fall:
  • Pumpkin dog: just because it's cute. ;) Everyone in our neighborhood laughs when they see Teddy in his get-up, but I swear, he likes it! He brought the costume out to Rickard to put on him! What a character.
  • We went to Mexico in August, and we are going back again in January with Rickard's family!
  • Rickard and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary and my birthday! God-willing, many more to come I hope!
  • We made sure to hit up the farmer's markets a few times - once in Oxnard and also the wonderful Calabasas Farmer's Market.
  • Nayna Jewelry: We have more designs up at the shop! Please be sure to check them out. One of my pretty best friends modeled some jewelry for me as well.
  • We have started to re-decorate our home which is super exciting! When we first moved in, we couldn't afford all the furniture we needed for our living room and some stuff is really worn out since it was purchase used. We are slowly but surely re-doing the living room!
  • Cooking: When I first got married, I couldn't cook anything except maybe make a sandwich or eggs. Since I've gotten into eating more healthy (and living more healthfully), I've started to cook more. I hope to share some healthier recipes on the blog soon!

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Spur of the Moment Purchase: Tickets to see Thirty Seconds to Mars atthe Hollywood Bowl!

Do you ever have one of those days where things just seem to be going your way? That was Saturday for us!

Rickard and I were originally planning on a relaxing day at home watching some television and him doing some homework. He told me a few weeks back about a Thirty Seconds to Mars with Panic! At the Disco concert but I had told him since we are going to see Avicii and Drake next month we probably shouldn't spend anymore money on concerts.

Well on Saturday I was randomly on StubHub and saw tickets for the same Thirty Seconds to Mars for 50% off the original price at Ticketmaster, but the concert was that same day. Well - I took that as a sign that we needed to go and purchased the tickets only three hours before we had to be at the Bowl. And I am really glad we did this spur if the moment purchase because this was probably one of my favorite shows ever. Thirty Seconds really knows how to put on a great high-energy show. Absolutely loved it!

^^^Had to share this video from the concert with audience singing along. So awesome!^^^

Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Things I'm Thankful For

I found this quote on Pinterest about a year ago, and it has really stuck with me the past year. Whenever I am feeling down or depressed, I try to focus on all the positives in my life. I also think people tend to compare themselves to others, and get caught up in thinking that the "grass is greener on the other side", but that is just so short-sighted. We each have our UNIQUE, individual stories to tell and we all have our struggles and challenges. But holding onto the negative thoughts only weighs you down. I try to let myself learn from mistakes and not dwell on negativity. "It happened, get over it." There is so much more to be thankful for in life and there is no reason to hold on to stress or things that are beyond your control.

Here are the things that I would like to thank God for today:

1. My husband - who is patient and kind with me even though I can be a crazy, emotional wreck sometimes. And his heart for being so pure and transparent.

2. My family - they are crazy, there is always drama, but they keep things interesting and are my rock.

3. Teddy - if you are in a bad mood, I guarantee that a short cuddle session with my puppy will solve all your problems.

4. A roof above my head, clean water, and food in my belly - Yep, I had to go there. It's hard to imagine that nearly 800 million people do not have access to clean water, and it is something that most of us take for granted everyday.

5. Health - I have had some minor injuries over my life, and when one body part is hurt, it is all you can think about. I am so thankful that I have my health and my family's health as well.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More Photos from Cabo {{ Fiesta Americana Resort }}

All of these photos are either on the resort we stayed or just walking distance. We stayed at The Fiesta Americana in Cabo and it was super nice. We opted out of the all-inclusive meals, since Rickard and I are the more adventurous type and prefer to try new restaurants in the city and do activities that are away from the resort. However, for Fiesta Americana, the all-inclusive deal could be worth it. The resort is about 20 minutes out of the city (but they have as shuttle that goes there every couple hours) so if you really were all about relaxation and not lifting a finger or going anywhere, this would be the place for you

It was super clean and the food fantastic. Oh, and that infinity pool. Well that's just icing on the cake. :)