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Saturday, May 18, 2013

:: Reviewing the FitBit One Pedometer::

via Instagram: My FitBit talks to me sometimes.
I purchased a FitBit One last month, and I am totally obsessed -- this little pedometer goes everywhere with me, literally.

The FitBit is a digital pedometer that you can clip onto your pants or bra. It will track how many steps you take, how many flights of stairs you have climbed, how many miles you have traveled, and it also estimates your calorie burn.

What makes FitBit greater than just any ol' basic pedometer is the fact that not only does it automatically sync data to the FitBit online app and online dashboard, but you are also able to share your stats with other friends using the product. 

FitBit Dashboard: So far it has been a pretty active day.

FitBit also breaks down a step chart by each hour of the day, showing what time of the day you were most active.

It can also show you how active overall you have been in the day:

The online user interface shows a breakdown of my day (so far).

I have the FitBit One, so this advanced version of the pedometer has the ability to track your sleep patterns in addition to steps. I always like to login to the online dashboard and check how I have been sleeping throughout the week.

FitBit also syncs up with other popular diet and fitness apps like MyFitnessPal (which is my favorite), SparkPeople, MapMyRun, etc. When I post what I ate on MyFitnessPal, my food entries automatically sync with the FitBit dashboard. FitBit takes the data, and shows me exactly how many calories I have consumed versus how many calories I have burned through activity.

If you are thinking about purchasing this product, I would personally recommend it. I know there are some other options on the market as well such as the JawBone Up and Nike Fuelband. The reason I went with the FitBit is because it is lightweight and I do not like wearing jewelry/bracelets all the time, especially when I am working out. The FitBit is more discreet and lightweight.

Do you use a pedometer or any of these health apps? What do you think? Also, feel free to find me on my FitBit account here or MyFitnessPal account here !