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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sunday in Las Vegas

Sunday was our first full day in Vegas, and the sun was shining bright. If there wasn't so much wind that day, it would have definitely been a perfect pool day!

We spent part of the day watching basketball and eating pizza at The Sporting House with Rickard's dad. Their portions are huge and it's pretty awesome that our booth had its own television.

Then we played roulette for maybe a few hours where I won a little bit of money! (beginner's luck!)

The Sporting House, New York New York Hotel

MGM Grand

In the evening, Rickard and I headed off on our own to find a place for dinner, just the two of us.

We settled at Mon Ami Gabi, a top-rated French bistro, located in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on the strip. We had been here before for breakfast, but this time decided to try out their dinner selection. I enjoyed the ambiance of the dinner since you could feel that romantic Parisian vibe a whole lot more at nighttime by candlelight. The salmon I had was amazing, but I think they are known for their steak and fries. The portions here were also large!

Paris Las Vegas Hotel
Mon Ami Gabi

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