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Saturday, January 26, 2013


#nofilter Puerto Vallarta sunset
It's now been two weeks since Rickard and I have come back from our Mexico vacation. But the last two weeks, we still keep talking about how much we miss Puerto Vallarta. Since we've been back, California has been rainy and cold and I've been back to my regular work hours. How I miss lounging by the pool, and watching the beautiful PV sunsets.

Looking back at pictures really makes me miss this little slice of paradise.

I have more photos, but I think these will be the last I post from our trip. This post is about one of my most favorite days - the day we went to Las Caletas for a candlelit dinner on the beach.

Las Caletas is a hideaway beach that can only be accessed by boat. There aren't any developed roads that will take you there.

 We got to take a picture with this parrot while waiting for our boat.

As part of the "Rhythms of the Night" package, we got to take a boat ride to this beach spot. The boat ride was very nice with fresh fruit and drinks being served and some music/entertainment. Upon arrival you can see the stars shining bright in the sky and the beach lit up by candles and flames only (no electric lights). When we arrived, we were just in awe of how beautifully the beach is set up and decorated with literally thousands of candles everywhere.

Our view as our boat arrives at Las Caletas. Flames/candles everywhere.
Upon arrival, we were directed to an outdoor performance arena. There, we watched a Cirque inspired show about the culture and history of Puerto Vallarta (apparently the same guy who created the Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas, also created this show in Puerto Vallarta). The dancers were of course so talented. My favorite act was probably the man who was juggling and doing tricks with fire. I was holding my breath everytime he threw a hoop of fire into the air.

Afterwards, the groups were able to pick the table they wanted for dinner. Every table is over looking the ocean, with one large candlepiece in the center. It was buffet-style, so we were free to go and grab the food that we wanted. I want to point out that this is un-like any buffet I've been to, because most buffet's I've been to are about quantity and not quality. However, the food and desserts here were top-notch. We did have a waiter too and the service was excellent (just like it is everywhere in Puerto Vallarta!).

Our table
Can we stay here forever please?
After the dinner, the groups are free to roam as they wanted. There were hammocks set up right along the beach for the guests to use. Honestly, it felt like the perfect place for a wedding proposal - with the stars shining brightly overhead, and candles everywhere, on a warm tropical beach at night. Rickard said if he knew about this place years ago, he may have asked me to marry him here!

Till next time PV...

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