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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bienvenido to the Puerto Vallarta Resort known as Sheraton Buganvilias

Sheraton Buganvilias Club in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

No description of our trip can leave out the amazing resort that we stayed at - The Sheraton Buganvilias Club in Puerto Vallarta.

What I love about this resort (aside from the obviously gorgeous view from my room) is that it's close to Malecon, which is the main boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta. Malecon has all the restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. It also has an authentic Mexican vibe which starts to dissipate when you get closer to Nuevo Vallarta. I love Nuevo Vallarta's modern malls and great resorts/condos, but if you are looking for a more Mexican feel to your trip, you definitely would want to stay in Puerto Vallarta like we did.

Rickard and I spent a ton of time at this resort lounging by the pool, and eating dinner at the resort restaurants a few times. I cannot say enough about the attention to service here. We did a ton of excursions throughout the week, but we also made sure to go to the resort pool almost everyday. I think that was the perfect strategy to our trip so we got to be a bit adventurous, but then relax as well.

The pool... was amazing. :)

Sheraton Buganvilias - the hotel section
First day there - Rickard of course has to get in the pool immediately
Me, after a dip in the pool
People either get married here, or get MASSAGES. How awesome is that?
There were iguanas everywhere on the resort. At first I was a bit scared of them, but then I realized they are MUCH more scared of humans than we are of them. They were totally non-threatening and very shy.

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