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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving :: On Living Simply

ETSY :: GusAndLula
Can you believe another Thanksgiving has come and gone already? It seems just like yesterday when Rickard and I were celebrating our first Thanksgiving as husband, wife, and family.

This year, my parents were not able to make it up for Thanksgiving and we skipped the Black Friday madness. Therefore, we have so far spent this long weekend very low-key and at home. We have just been enjoying good home-cooked food and staying in and watching movies, and cuddling with our puppy.

Not only has this been very relaxing, but we've also been able to practice "living simply" (with a few small cheats here and there). We didn't want to do Black Friday because we have been trying to save money for a home and/or traveling. The thing is - material goods really don't make us happy in the long-run. Sure - we want what we see our friends to have (and how can you avoid it with all the constant Facebook posts these days!), or want the latest gadgets and clothes -- but for me and Rickard, we enjoy experiences much more than material goods. I think I realize this the older I get.

This is happiness to us.

Hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. :)

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