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Monday, October 1, 2012

Old Town Pasadena - A Romantic City for our First Anniversary

me in Pasadena
Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary, and it was the most perfect day that I could have imagined for myself.

red roses
Rickard and I started our morning pretty normally, by getting some donuts from across the street. While out, he said he wanted to go to this flower shop to get me some "surprise" roses. So sweet!

Later in the evening, we headed over to Old Town Pasadena. 

I've mentioned it before, but Pasadena is really special to me because that is where we had our wedding reception. It is a romantic, charming city that does not look like any other city in Los Angeles. We spent the evening checking out some of the great shopping before heading over to dinner at Cafe Santorini.

handsome husband
outside the restaurant
The food at Cafe Santorini was PHENOMENAL and the service was so great too. We sat at their outside patio deck, with Christmas lights twinkling on the ceiling. We felt like we were transported back to Europe. It was lovely. 

red curry risotto with shrimp and clams
chicken kebob

wedding cake!!!
The sweetest part was saved till the end -- wedding cake! Now, technically we didn't freeze our wedding cake as is tradition for the first anniversary, but we did get the EXACT same cake from the same bakery where we bought our wedding cake. They made these cute little cupcake sized cakes for us. This is my FAVORITE -- vanilla cake with raspberry bavarian creme. It is SO light and fluffy.

Our server came out with the cake with candles. We blew out the candles and made our wishes. :)

A wonderful evening, with the most thoughtful husband.


  1. Looks and sounds like a beautiful evening! What I would do to get my hands on that cake! :)


  2. Oh my, the food looks delicious. And you remind me of some famous actress but I can't remember her name! Beautiful. :)