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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

San Francisco {Day 1}

my sister jumping in front of the Oakland Bay Bridge
This past Labor Day weekend went by so fast and was such a blur! Rickard and I drove up to San Francisco for the weekend to visit my sister - and in that short 3 day trip, we managed to pack in not just San Francisco, but also Napa, Sonoma and Big Sur into our tight schedules!
Oakland Bay Bridge

On our first day in city, we grabbed some brunch at Brioche Bakery and let me tell you, you cannot go wrong with their French Toast! So good.

After that, we walked around Union Square and did some shopping. I love that SF has a Madewell store, so I was a little shop-happy after my trip to their HUGE Westfield mall. :)

Later,we headed over to Palomino Restaurant for some Happy Hour! After all the walking from earlier in the day, their artisan style pizza really, really hit the spot.

Palomino pizza
What's great about the Palomino restaurant is not only their food/drinks, but also you get a beautiful view of the Oakland Bay Bridge and this peaceful, fountain area at their outside patio:

husband and me
sister and me
After pizza, we decided to hit up Ghirardelli for some dessert. We took the Muni over to the Wharf and walked the rest of the way to Ghirardelli to get a Cookie Bottom Sundae that we split amongst ourselves. It was a really nice evening, with live music and of course sweets.


World Famous -- Ghirardelli

My advice if you are ever in SF -- wear some comfortable shoes! We did a ton of walking all over the city, and most of the sites you want to see ARE pretty central. Parking is also difficult if you bring your car, so walking is definitely the way to go.

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