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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hollywood Date Night

On Sunset Blvd.
Yesterday evening, Rickard and I decided to have ourselves a little date night. We've been having a lot of these the past few weekends actually. It seems like our friends are always busy with work and other things so the two of us have been venturing out and exploring more on our own.

We love to check out the Happy Hours in our local city, but this time around we decided to head over to our old stomping grounds -- Hollywood! (For those of you that don't know, I spent a year living off Sunset Blvd.).

Saint Felix Outside Patio

Saint Felix is one of our favorite, go-to spots. They have happy hour everyday from 4-8pm, and their outside patio and ambiance is so romantic with the beautiful lights at night.

Saint Felix - Raspberry Creme Brulee
We checked out Blue Palms Brewhouse and 3 Dog Cantina last night too. I think 3 Dog must be a fairly new establishment as I had never seen it before on Cahuenga. It would be a great place to take someone on a date purely for the wonderful open windows and authentic Mexican vibe. However, I was kind of disappointed in their nachos and how the chef does not allow changes to items on the menu (e.g. no beans). It gets a good score for me on location and setting, but I am undecided on the food.

Hollywood & Vine
Walking around Hollywood

In any case, it's always a fun night out with my husband. We just talked and talked all night long, and ate and drank sooo much. Until next date night...which is next week since it is our one year anniversary!!


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  1. Hi Sunaina! Thanks for joining the LA Food Blogger Meetup! Your night shots are wonderful! I hope I'll be able to meet you at one of the upcoming meetups and you can teach me how to take some nice night shots.