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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Swedish Food Stories

Father-in-Law's Strawberry Cake
Some of the best food I had in Europe was not in restaurants, but good old home-cooked meals and desserts. Rickard's dad made this delicious strawberry cake with whipping cream and strawberry "keso" cream. We had this treat with coffee after a nice summer BBQ.

Salmon with Cress Sauce
 This is my husband's favorite meal ever! His mom cooked the salmon in a frying pan, 3 minutes on each side. The secret ingredient to this meal is the sauce -- which is made of a cress herbs and sour cream. Of course we had this served with traditional Swedish sweet potatoes and some delicious bread (European bread is at another level compared to American bread! We need to get some of this good stuff in the States!)

Organic Elk Salami?!
  On the drive back to Rickard's Swedish town from Oslo, we randomly stopped by this quaint and cute cafe in Sweden. Everything was local and organic. We ordered this salami baguette - and it turned out to be organic Elk salami meat! I guess this is pretty unique to the Swedes/Scandinavians since they have elk roaming around. It was served with brie cheese and pickled onions. I never had elk meat before but it was pretty good -- tasted just like regular salami with a slightly different texture.

Rhubarb Pie with Vanilla Sauce
 This is another homemade dessert from my father-in-law. Rickard's dad grows rhubarb in his backyard, so he made this amazing rhubarb crumble. This was served with some sweet vanilla sauce to balance out the tangy rhubarb. So good!

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