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Monday, August 6, 2012

Parisian and Swedish Decor -- Très Bien

Parisian inspired decor in a Swedish boutique
 When Rickard and I were in  Smögen, Sweden, we stumbled across these cute home goods boutiques. Ironically enough, one of the boutiques was full of Parisian inspired pieces. I wish I could have taken home many of these pieces but we knew they wouldn't all fit in my suitcase! I love the romantic metal knick knacks and French country style. 

 How cute are these puffy French pillows and why don't we sell this kind of stuff in the States? Well, I know we sell it in the States but I was surprised at how much more affordable decor is in Sweden compared to the USA. I am going to try to find some similar pillows on Etsy

Swedish & Nautical
 Swedish decor has become famous thanks to Ikea, and is known for clean, minimalist lines and practicality. However, coastal Sweden is also very much influenced by the sea. These items are a bit "busy" to be true Swedish style and a bit more influenced by American taste. However, the boats and sea pieces feel very Swedish to me.

The tripod lamps look so modern, but remind me of old sea telescopes that were used for navigation. I also am fond of it because I'm a big fan of photography and it reminds me of my camera's tripod. :)

 Sailboat models are very Swedish and can be found in the homes of many coastal Swedes. It's also a very classic piece to have in the home. Of course, I want one of these too! Maybe I can find it on Etsy.

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