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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paris {Day 1}

First dessert upon arrival - Creme Brulee
Ahhhh Parisss... It was everything and more to me. Rickard and I only got to spend two days in Paris, and in that short amount of time, I have totally and madly fallen in love with the city. I told my friend that Paris lives up to every cliche about it.

Everywhere you looked, there were beautiful monuments, architecture and everything I had read about in history books growing up. I hope that Rickard and I are able to go back again in the near future. Paris is HUGE - and you cannot do everything in two days - though we sure tried! There is still so much more in Paris that I want to explore. :)

My husband waiting at Landvetter Airport in Sweden for our flight to Paris
The first day, we were off to a bit of a bumpy start. Our early morning (7am) flight to Paris was delayed. When we got to Paris, we were silly, bumbling "tourists" and had the worst time trying to figure out the Paris Metro with all our luggage (though the Metro is actually very easy and convenient). We both had quite a lot of luggage since Rickard had been in Europe for about two months and me for two weeks and we planned to lug all of it back to America eventually! Once we figured out the Metro and settled down in our hotel, it was all smooth sailing from there!

Jardin de Tuileries
Rickard at his beloved Notre Dame Cathedral :)
Beautiful details on Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe
La Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre - bird flying overhead.

Such an amazing view from Sacre Coeur.

Typical Parisan side street

Cafe at the famous Saint-Germain
Rickard and I had such a blast walking down Saint Germain and just window shopping. There were such beautiful clothes and furniture items - although they were verrry pricey. I took pictures of some of the amazing decor items as inspiration for my future house!

We didn't see the Eiffel Tower the first day actually, but we went to it twice on our second day in Paris.

More pics to come...  (including Le Eiffel of course!)

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