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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A California Girl's Thoughts on Western Sweden

Typical Sweden
I feel like most people that know me must feel that all I talk about is Sweden.

Sweden Sweden Sweden! Sverige Sverige Sverige! But I tell you, the country has stolen my heart.

Nature Everywhere
Western Sweden is a not a popular tourist destination like Paris, London, or Tokyo but I like it that way to be honest. Sweden, to me, is like a secret I selfishly want to keep all to myself. And thanks to my husband, I've had the best off-the-beaten path authentic experience of the beautiful country.

Rickard's parents and me on an uninhabited island off the western coast.
When I think of Western Sweden, I think of two things: nature and peace. It may not be a totally unbiased judgment of mine since I've only been there in the summertime, but I told my mother-in-law that Sweden is "paradise" to me.

Sheep on the island

I love that there's no busy crowds and traffic. That there is greenery everywhere. Lush green that attacks your visual senses - like you are seeing color for the first time. It rains and rains all the time and while Swedes complain about that -- I love it since that what makes this country so green.

And the lakes! Freshwater lakes. Peaceful, quiet lakes abundant. My mother-in-law has a pond walking distance from her house that has lily pads and a neighbors boat -- it looks like something out of The Notebook! And then in the other direction (also walking distance) is a pier looking out into the ocean! It is like a dream to me.

I love you, Sweden.

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