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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Busy Busy Day in Oslo, Norway!

Pigeons attack!
While Rickard and I were in Sweden, we made a short day trip to Oslo and ran around the whole city to see as much as we could! In fact we made it to Johansgate twice, maybe three times to be honest. At the end of the day, our feet were killing us!

We were nervous that there were many clouds in the sky and that at any moment it could start raining, but the rain held off until the late afternoon when we were about to leave. It was perfect timing!
@ Oslo City Hall, a hop and skip away from the Nobel Peace Center
Me and my husband near the Royal Palace.

An observation of Oslo: EVERYTHING seemed to be under construction. The Royal Palace was under construction, as well as three nearby government buildings. There were many construction sites near the Opera House as well!

The Opera

Peeking into the Oslo Opera House
Oslo Opera House
Oslo Cathedral
Contemplative @ Oslo Cathedral

A tribute to the Norwegians killed the 2011 Norway Attacks. It was the one year anniversary. So moving.
Norwegian Boat
Akerhus Castle & Fortress

Rickard and I @ Akershus - in front of a GIANT Princess cruise ship....
...And when I say giant, I mean this thing was HUGE!
One of many Deli de Luca's in Oslo. Their calzones were yummy and surprisingly affordable (since we had heard Norway is expensive), although the same can't be said for our parking costs. Woops! Hint: if you are planning to visit this city, look into the option of taking a train.
When it started to rain in the evening, Rickard and I decided to duck into this cute cafe and grab some coffee.
Norway as it begins to rain.

Thank you for a wonderful day, Oslo. I hope to see you again someday.

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