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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swedish Weekend

(HallontÃ¥rta (raspberry cake) from Jonssons Konditori in Kungsbacka)

I've been in Sweden since Friday and I feel more relaxed and stress-free than I have ever felt before. Maybe it's because I am on my first vacation in two and a half years, or maybe it's the long drawn out summer days (sun is up till nearly 10pm here!), or just the beautiful green nature and blue lakes -- but whatever it is, I am sure glad I came here!

In the last couple days, we have visited my husband's grandma and went out for some delicious raspberry cake with her near the ocean. We also had a little party with friends and played the Swedish game called Kubb .

I am awake a bit early for Swedish time right now since I am still a little jet-lagged. When my husband wakes up, he is taking me to a spa in Gothenburg as a little birthday present. I really have the best husband.

 (Typical Swedish countryside house and landscape)

(Making salad in the kitchen for a party) 

(Fresh picked strawberries from the garden)

I am so very thankful for all of this. <3

- Sunaina

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