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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feeding Cows in Sweden

(Rickard feeding the most adorable little moo cow)
(Me feeding the same cow)
This was one of my most favorite moments in Sweden. Rickard and I had spent the whole day in Oslo, Norway and were driving back to Smogen, Sweden. On the way, we just kept seeing this beautiful nature all around us and Rickard asked me if I wanted to stop and take pictures at any point. After a whole day running around in Oslo, I was just fine with taking in all the nature beauty from the car, but then we saw this spot (and cows!!) just a half hour away from Smogen, I knew we had to stop. I am really glad we did!

I will tell you one thing - you do not find these kinds of moments in California. There was no one around and we just walked down a little hill to get to this spot off the road.

 Originally the cows were several meters away from us, near to the lake. How cute are they looking at us from the lake? :)

We started to call the cows over to us and to our surprise, they responded!

This one got really close to us and even let Rickard pet her!
Thank you moo cow for this wonderful memory of Sweden.
I can't get enough of the nature. When I originally saw this view, I knew we had to stop.
 The beautiful sunset that evening (#nofilter).
- Sunaina

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