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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Venice Beach - California

I love this photo Rickard took of me from this weekend! :) It turned out great! The background is really amazing and that is what inspired this picture in the first place. We were walking back to our car when Rickard saw this beautiful wood fence.

That's the thing about Venice - it's got its own vibe and I feel like I've been carrying that wonderful energy with me all week. 

We rented bikes for only $7, and biked from Venice Beach to the Santa Monica pier. It was so peaceful and really refreshing.

Here are some of the other photos we snapped. 

This is one of my best friends Sophia who was part of the little adventure.

A beautiful tree, right by the dog park in Venice.  

Venice has some great, artistic buildings. This gate on one of the houses is really something else!

 Sophia with her bike (it was Barbie pink!)


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