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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charity Spotlight

Kiva is a non-profit that allows individuals to donate, or loan, money to entrepreneurs in developing countries who do not have access to traditional banks and financial systems. Borrowers use the money for various purposes -- you can donate money to a farmer looking to purchase cattle, a shop owner who needs to purchase more inventory, and I even saw people on there who were looking to fund their weddings.

What's great about this site is that you can choose who you donate your money to and for what cause. They will also post updates, so you can see how your donation made a positive impact. The borrowers pay back your money and then you can re-invest in another cause!

This site is definitely worth checking out!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some Foodie Pictures from our Vegas Weekend!

Rickard and I spent this past weekened in Vegas. Here's some pictures of the delicious things we got to eat! We are turning into total foodies!

 Chicken & Apple Crepes at Mon Ami Gabi

 Eggs Benedict at Mon Ami Gabi

 Homemade Steak in Red Wine Sauce

The homemade steak with oven-baked potatoes and avocado salad.

Guilty treat - frozen hot cholate with Oreo from Serendipity 3/Caesar's Palace

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parisian Inspired Party Theme

So my birthday is not until July, but the other day I was thinking about how I would love to have my next birthday party be inspired my one of my favorite cities in the world - Paris!

Here's an inspiration board I created for my Parisian inspired party. The idea is to have the ladies follow a dress code (stripes and berets), and serve french bread, yummy cheese, macaroons and of course champagne!

Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Project

My husband and I decided to get a little creative this weekend. As newlyweds, we are still in the process of decorating our apartment. We were looking for a painting for our bedroom wall. We checked out Ikea and the flea market, but weren't having any luck.

So we decided to create our own wall art from scratch. Painting it was so much fun that we are actually thinking of doing another abstract painting for the living area as well!

 - Sunaina

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

Rickard and I are avoiding the crowds, and just planning a simple, romantic dinner at home tonight. I am picking up some yummy treats from Whole Foods though (you would be surprised at their selection of fruit pastries and tarts!).  It is our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife. :)

What are your plans for today? Do you have any special Valentine's Day traditions?


Monday, February 13, 2012

What Sunday's Should Look Like [5 things]

[A lazy Sunday morning in Belgium]

Sunday mornings have got to be one of my favorite times during the week. Rickard and I have come to have a routine when it comes to this day. Here's a couple of my favorite things to do in the Los Angeles area when the weekend rolls around:

Yoga Shelter
I signed up for a Groupon where I take classes here for just $1, and the studio vibe is truly amazing. You are free to sing along to the music, sometimes there's a live singer/guitarist, and all around positive energy. It doesn't get much better spiritually and physically than some early, cleansing, Sunday morning yoga.

Hiking in Encino
I used to go to Runyon Canyon in Hollywood quite often, but since then, I've discovered this wonderful trail off Mulholland in Encino. I can let my dog off the leash and there are far less people than in Runyon. It's very peaceful, and a nice, brisk workout.

[Long line at the dog park]

The Local Dog Park
Rickard and I love taking our little pup to the dog park on the weekends. We want him to be socialized (which he is!). It makes me happy to see him running around free, playing with the other dogs.

Blue Jam Cafe
When I lived out in Hollywood, Blue Jam Cafe was one our favorite places to go to after a hiking workout. Their french toast with vanilla bean syrup is soooo yum. Only on the weekends do you have time for a savory breakfast like this. 

 Griffith Observatory
I have always loved the observatory and I love learning about the constellations and the planets. You can see all of LA from the gorgeous view here. My husband knew that this was one of my favorite places in LA when he proposed to me here about one year ago today. <3 *smiles*

What are your favorite things to do on the weekends? Are their particular places that you often visit?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A little trip to the flea market

Today, we decided to check out the flea market at the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

I love Pasadena so much, that I got married in this beautiful, romantic city a few months ago.
[Colorado Street Bridge, Pasadena]

Rickard and I couldn't resist the bratwurst, tri-tip stand in the market.

Hers and His. Sooo delicious after a long day of walking around.

We were on a mission to find some artwork for our apartment. We didn't find art, but I did score these "tortoise" sunnies for just $3!

XO, Happy Sunday
- Sunaina

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Husband is... Always Smiling

I snapped this picture today while Rickard was watching our little puppy run around the dog park. I love his smile! That is my husband’s personality – “always smiling”.